The Complete Guide To Pinterest for Interior Designers 2020

Pinterest for interior designers

Pinterest is one of the best platforms for interior designers and most of them aren’t even using it. In this blog we are going to show you exactly how design professionals can leverage this platform to generate more traffic to their website and overall awareness around there business.


Why Pinterest For Interior Designers


First, let’s briefly introduce you to Pinterest. Pinterest is a social media service with a huge focus on image sharing. On this platform, millions of users are sharing and saving images every single day and the best par is interior design images are some of the most popular on the platform. People actively go to Pinterest to find home décor inspiration when they are thinking of remodeling a room, an entire house, or just planning for the future. This provides a huge opportunity for designers to get in front of an ideal audience.

It boasts 335 million monthly active users, and more than half of them are earning $50 000 or more per year.

About 71% of Pinterest’s users are female, making it the ideal place for interior designers to show off their work. It is after all women who tend to call the shots when it comes to interior design.

Pinterest is amazing for sharing images as well as blogs, and images are how interior designers can show the world their skills.

Now that you know what Pinterest is and why it’s so important, we’ll get to the reason you’re here – using Pinterest as an interior designer.


Pin Your Work


The very first thing you will be doing on Pinterest is creating Pins. The best way to do this is by creating pins that link to your already existing content on your website like blog posts and portfolio pictures.


Pinning portfolio pictures


To do this you will want to install the Pinterest browser button. This will allow you to pin images directly to your interest boards and even create new boards right from your browser without having to be on Pinterest.

Make sure to organize your pictures into boards, we recommend organizing them by rooms or what you think people will search for. Pinterest is a search engine so if you organize your boards by a project name, people might not ever find your pictures because they are searching by room.


Pinning Blog Posts


If you write a blog or have old blog posts, Pinterest is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your blog! But it is not the same a posting portfolio pictures on Pinterest, you need to do one extra step and create an image specifically for interest. You will want want to create a custom image that is 600 pixels wide by 900 pixels tall and you will want to add a text overlay explaining what the blog is about. This will entice people to click the pin and go over to your website to read the blog.

To create images like this with text overlays you can use services such as Canva and Adobe Photoshop.

After you have made the image, you want to place it in your blog post at the bottom of the page so it’s not obstructing the blog itself, but shows up as a image option when you use the Pinterest pin button for chrome.

If you really don’t like having the Pinterest image in your blog post then you can use a WordPress plugin called Tasty Pins.

Tasty Pins allows you to add the image to your blog in WordPress without having to insert it n the blog itself, so people will not see them image when they read the blog, but it will still be available for pinning, you can even set it to where people can only pin this image and not other images on your blog posts.

You can even set the Pinterest title and description with tasty pins right on your website, which makes things more streamlined and search engine friendly.


Pin Other peoples Work


Now that you have boards on your Pinterest profile dedicated to just your photos and projects, we now need to re-pin other peoples work.

Create new boards and still name they by room but this time make the name a little different for example “living room inspiration I like” and then re-pin other living room photos you like on Pinterest into this board, your going to want to create multiple boards like this and start repining  into each of them.

Once you have a lot of photos you like in these boards, you can start repining and adding in some of your own photos but don’t over do it. The goal is to have boards that are constantly updated and active that other Pinterest users will follow. This is how you can really start building a audience. Make sure to updates these boards regularly and then every now and then you can add one of your photos.


Optimizing Your Content


Now that you have some boards up and you know how to make pins lets go further into optimization and help you get even better results.


Business Profile


If you want to get more out of your Pinterest account, you can switch to a Business Profile. With this, you will get access to analytics, which can show you how well your content is performing. You will get a lot of information that will help enrich your marketing strategy.




You can optimize your content by adding searchable keywords to your pins captions. Remember Pinterest is a search engine, so think of what people would search in order to find your pins. Don’t just spam the captions with keywords though, you want it to be a great reading experience for the user and Pinterest can detect if you are spamming the captions with a ton of keywords.


Have Social Sharing buttons on your blog posts


If you are sharing your blog posts its a good idea to have social sharing buttons on your website. If you use WordPress the best plugin is Novashare.

Its extremely light weight and wont slow down the performance of your website, and you can customize the buttons to fit the style of your website as well.



Group Boards


Group boards are a great way to get in front of an already established audience. it will take some ground work and you need to know the rules of each one, but this can really jumpstart your Pinterest strategy and help you get traffic quickly.

A group board has many contributors who have the same interests and they add content to the board as they like. Group boards tend to have many more followers than normal Pinterest accounts. Be sure to join boards with specific themes like “interior design” or “kitchen Design”

Be careful, if you see a group board with thousands of contributors, there is a high chance that these boards are filled with spam and have a low engagement rate. They might be easy to get into, but are usually not worth your time. You want to join group boards that have a small amount of contributors because these usually have higher quality and more engaged audiences.


Before you can join any group boards, you have to find them first. You can search on Pinterest by typing in the relevant keywords followed by “group Board”. As a example to find interior design group boards you would search “interior design group board”. You also want to make sure the drop down to the right of the search field is selected to “boards”


The boards with multiple profile pictures in the bottom of the left hand corner are group boards. When you find group boards you like, you can click on it and in the description, you will usually find ways of joining the board. Be sure that you do exactly what the board wants or you may not be accepted into the group.


A ‘request to join’ button has been added by Pinterest to make this process a little easier but it’s not on every board. Be sure to try and join as many group boards as possible – not all of them will accept you.


Find Group Boards With Pingroupie


Another way to find boards that you can join is to head over to the pingroupie website. Type in the topic you want to find group boards about and you’ll be given a list. You’ll also get some interesting statistics about the boards.

You will be able to access the group from the website and ask them to join.


Automate Sharing Pins


There are a lot of  things you need to do to be successful on Pinterest. This can seem overwhelming but luckily there is software and services available to help you automate your tasks and make things easier. Lets go over a few of the most popular ones.




tailwind is a app that focuses on Pinterest and Instagram, it comes with really cool features like a scheduling calendar, and it tracks which pens perform the best and adds them to “smart loop” which automatically reshapes your best performing pins.



Later is another great app similar to tailwind, the big difference is it focuses on almost all social platforms including Pinterest, Facebook, Linkedin and more. so if you are looking for one central tool for all of your social media scheduling then later is a fantastic choice.




If you are looking for a completely outsourced and hands off approach then that where we come in! SocialScouts offers a completely managed solution where you get a dedicated social media manager who will do all the heavy lifting. We create the content and engage with your audience for you. We even have our own software that connects to all social media services so you can see a complete overview of your campaigns, you can even approve or request edits before content is published.

If this sounds interesting to you then check out our home page! We haven have a 30 day risk free trial.


The 70/30 Rule


When it comes to Pinterest, there is a golden rule that you need to always keep in mind.

The 70/30 Rule will make your content a lot more popular. So what is this rule? Basically, you should share 70% of your own content and 30% of content from other social media users.

On Pinterest, you should Pin content from different websites to give your content a nice variety.

You will give other users an interesting bunch of Pins to enjoy and not look like someone who is constantly only talking about themselves. No one likes constant self-promotion.

The Pinterest algorithm will also favor you more if you do this, so it is a win-win situation.




Now you know how to use Pinterest to promote yourself as well as your business. Pinterest is great for interior designers when it comes to effective marketing. You’ll also have a lot of fun seeing what other users are creating and sharing.

Follow the guidance we’ve given here and you’ll soon notice that your Pinterest account is a fantastic way to reach your audience and grow your business.

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